Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Book review- Whiskey & Honey by Andrea Johnston

Guys have rules. Rule #1: You don't date your sister’s best friend.

Bentley Sullivan hasn't found the one. He's always been the good guy - the gentleman. With one quick, and possibly irrational, decision everything changes. After a case of mistaken identity and a drunken kiss, Ben is convinced that the one is finally right in front of him. Only, she's untouchable.

Girls have rules. Rule #1: You don't date your best friend’s brother.

Piper Lawrence has not been successful in love. Almost as quickly as she swears off men, he comes into her life. Her childhood crush and the man who has set the standards for every man she’s ever dated, he is also the one man she can’t have.

A single kiss changes it all.


I admit, I don’t normally read contemporary romance, but I find myself drawn to it more and more.  Is it my age?  Have I had my fill of the supernatural, and I need to read something different for a while?  Is it that I have been SO OVER VAMPIRES since before Twilight came out?  Who knows? I won a copy of Whiskey and Honey in a little giveaway in one of my book groups.  I didn’t read it right away, and now I regret that.

Guys, this is a great heartfelt love story! Every girl fantasizes about her best friend's big brother, I mean, who hasn’t? This is a great book about that fantasy come to life. Easy read without explicit sex scenes. Don’t get me wrong; there are sex scenes, but they don't cross the line into over describing detail. It is not erotica, just enough information to be sexy, but leaves some to the imagination. Exactly how I like it!

I liked the alternating points of view between Piper and Ben. You weren't left with a "what was she thinking" feeling or a "why did he do that" moment. All the characters were well developed, even the minor ones, and the scenes were well described. I could picture myself sitting at the bar with Piper, walking through Ben’s new house, or relaxing at the lake with all their friends.
 I recommend this book to romance readers and anyone looking for a fun, light read.

FOUR and a HALF stars. I took off a half star for editing/proofreading, but I caveat that with I am SUPER PICKY and a copy editor, so I see many mistakes others don't. Don't let it stop you from reading the book!

I hope we get to hear Ashton's story next, and I know who her love is, read the book, I bet you will figure it out too. 

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