Monday, August 29, 2016

Dolls by Jonathan Harrow

Jonathan Harrow


     So who is Jonathan Harrow?  I didn’t know who he was either until his wife asked for some Beta readers for him.  See, I stalk his wife, and I admittedly have a girl-crush on her.  Anyone else who can proudly wear purple and blue hair deserves crushing on, after all.  I’m talking about the adorably sweet Kelly Oram, who is getting her own Author Spotlight post very soon. I’ll link these together when I’m done.

For more information about Jonathan, or to contact him, visit his website.

I was given the opportunity to beta read, which I love doing.  Since I can’t quite get my own novel up off the ground, what better way to feel inspirational than to help out someone else, right? This one was a sequel, though, so I needed to go back and read the first book if I wanted to be any real help as a Beta Reader.  Having beta readers is an important step for authors, and I can always tell when a work is self-published, who used Beta readers and who didn’t.  I can also tell who had an editor as well, but that is an entirely different issue. 

The first book in this series in called Dolls and it was published back in 2014.  I have to say; I am sorry I missed this when it first came out.   Most of the stuff I read now is YA/NA fantasy or supernatural.  Now and then I will read a contemporary romance by a favorite author, but there will always be a special place in my heart for horror.  There is something about staying up late at night, curled up in the corner, gripping the edges of the book like it’s a lifeline that really gets my heart racing and my adrenaline pumping.  Stephen King was the first author I ever stalked, and it was a sad day when his novels no longer scared me.  I moved on to movies at the point and needed the background ambiance to get in the mood, for the thrill.  Serial killer movies aren’t my cup of tea, The whole slash ‘em dice up thing doesn’t scare me.  I figured out the whole “twist ending” Saw five minutes in and was bored for the rest of the movie and spent it making fun of all the idiot decisions that were made. Give me something creepy, however; that lets my mind wander, and I will be up all night. 

Dolls by Jonathan Harrow gave me that creep factor.  Serial killers, stalkers, Voodoo/Vodou, ghosts, and SPIDERS AND SCORPIONS. *SHUDDER* From the first few chapters of the book I had the heebee jeebies.  (Yes that is a real word because I said so). The best way for me to describe this book is to call it a Chiller original movie.  But then add an all-star cast, forget all the stupid decisions the teens make in those types of movies, and remove the garbage trucks of fake blood and gore.  What we have now is a creepy tale full of mystery, suspense, intrigue, and fright.  We have Dolls. 

As an avid reader, I always prefer the book over the movie, so maybe comparing this tale to a cheesy B-movie isn’t fair, but that’s what my mind kept pulling up.  From me, I promise that is a compliment!  I LOVE Chiller original movies.  I am glued to the TV around Halloween; I just can’t get enough. I don’t want this to be made into a movie, though; the book is always better, and Hollywood would ruin it somehow. 

I am thoroughly ecstatic to know that this is a sequel coming.  I promise to pick it apart in the Beta stages to help Mr. Jonathan bring you the best possible fright.

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