Friday, August 26, 2016

Penned Con 2016- St Louis, MO

Guess what?  I get to go to Penned Con 2016, and you can meet me there!

        What is Penned Con you ask?  Penned Con is two-day long author signing event that happens right here in St Louis.  This is year number three for the annual event, and there will be 152 authors featured.  Even better, it’s not just a signing event.  The organizers of Penned Con, author Amy Miles and husband Rick Miles (of Red Coat PR), have teamed up with Action for Autism to make this event a charity fundraiser.  They money raised becomes a scholarship to help autistic children in the St Louis Metro area get the therapy services they need and any support that may be required for them to attend school. 

        For attendees of Penned Con, ticket prices are only $35 for an all access pass that is good for Friday AND Saturday.  Of course, you can purchase single day tickets, but it is a much better deal to pay for the whole thing.  There is also a special access VIP ticket available as well.  Those tickets include two full days of access to over 150 authors (most with pre-orders of their books available on the site), panels, workshops, and keynotes speakers.  At the end of each day, there is Author Vs Reader game time.  Friday night is NERF WARS, so don’t forget your Nerf gun!

        I can’t even list all of the authors that are attending, and I don’t want to begin picking out favorites. Can you guys even read the picture I posted with the names?  That's how many will be there! But, you can vote for BEST COVER, BEST COUPLE, BEST NOVELLA SERIES, BEST STANDALONE NOVEL, BEST AUDIO, BEST ONE-LINER, BEST BOOK HANGOVER, ROMANCE AUTHOR OF THE YEAR, FANTASY AUTHOR OF THE YEAR, and YOUNG ADULT AUTHOR OF THE YEAR.  Voting closes in just a few days on September 1st so go vote NOW!    VOTE HERE!   Stop reading, VOTE!  right this second, Do not pass GO! do not collect $200!

For full details, schedule of events, or to purchase tickets/pre-order books: Go to the Penned Con website ->

If you are going, let me know, we can meet up; I’ve already bought tickets for Mr. Jane and myself. 

See you then,
p.s. I am not affiliated with Penned Con, nor did I receive any compensation for this post.  I paid for my tickets and books with my own money.  I just think it is a really good cause and a fun event to attend so I wanted to share.  I also got the graphic off of their website and Facebook page  They are not mine.

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