Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Author Spotlight- Stacey Marie Brown

Time for another author spotlight post! Up this month we have:

So it’s no secret that I like to stalk my favorite authors, and I have had a blast with this lady.  She’s funny, smart, talent, and super responsive to Facebook.  So, of course, I soak up any attention she will give me.  Added bonus is that she is a good sport to teasing.  (*Cough* video stores and horror movies from the mid- 90’s *cough*)
To showcase her novels, Stacey has 8 currently available, with a few more to be available soon.

Her first series, called the DARKNESS series involves Shifters, Fae, Demons, and a whole lot of hotness mixed up with action, suspense, and a little bit of mystery, topped off with one really scary bad (woman) guy. This is a NA series and       

NOT intended for younger teens.  I have to edit to add here!  How did I forget about Beast in the Darkness?  A novella told from Eli's point of view nicely rounds out this tale and is available as an ebook on Amazon (and maybe some other ebook retailers....not sure???)

The Collectors series, is connected to the Darkness series, but it’s not a spin-off.  They take place in the same world, and a few of the minor characters overlap, but they are completely separate series.  You can read this one without reading the Darkness Series first, but they are so good, why would you want to?  Also, the main heroine in this series, Zoey won Utopia’s Shero of the Year award for 2016!  Congratulations Zoey!  This series is so HOT it has Fae, Hunters, Vikings, a Pirate, and the worlds cutest and sweetest (possibly only) Monkey-fae hybrid named Sprig. 

Coming VERY SOON Stacey is releasing WEST.  One of the hot shifters from the Darkness series is getting his very own novel, and thank all that is good up in the heavens, because he needed one.  I’m partial to pirates, which I got satiated in the Collector’s series, but I have to say, West NEEDED his story told.  I will have a giveaway to do of Darkness of Light, (autographed!) to help celebrate the release, and I may even get ahold of a copy of West too, we will see. 

So everyone pop in to Facebook and say Hi, or check out her website at Stacey Marie, and then go read all of her books.  Tell her Sara Jane sent you!


  1. I agree with everything you said here. SMB is brilliant, I have loved each and every book thus far. I am SO looking forward to "West" because I found him intriguing and, well, hot! Don't forget the Novelette "Beast in the Darkness" about Eli from the Darkness Series. Yum! Thank you Sara Jane for highlighting on of my absolute favorites too!! Cheers!

    1. OMGoodness, you are so right! How did I forget about Beast in the Darkness? I updated the post, and thank you for the reminder.

      What book or author would you like me to read or review next?