Sunday, October 16, 2016

Review of WEST by Stacey Marie Brown

Sexy, alluring, ruthless, and oh so complicated.

West Moseley is known as the “charming” Dark Dweller. With his cheeky grin and southern drawl, he can charm anyone, especially women. And does.

But after being held prisoner and tortured by the cruel Seelie Queen, West’s past comes back to haunt him. His memories of a tragic event and the truth of what happened on the Light side goes deeper than anyone realizes. Things he wants no one to know about.

Struggling with his own demons, he battles the very essence of what he is—a Dark Dweller—a terrifying beast from the Otherworld designed to hunt and kill.
When the Unseelie King sends him to Ireland to uncover a dangerous artifact, West’s entire world takes a dangerous turn.

When a treasure lands in his hands, one he never suspected, nor wanted, he learns one crucial thing: you don’t steal from the Demon King . . . not if you want to live.

***West is a spin-off of the Darkness Series. It is a stand alone adult urban fantasy romance, but it would greatly benefit the reader to start with the Darkness Series (1-4) first. West contains story-lines, world building, and spoilers from previous books and characters. It's highly recommended starting with Darkness of Light (Book 1) and it's FREE!

***Sexual content, language, alcohol, violence, death, and other mature content intended for readers 17 and older.


I Loved West, and I read it in just 2 days.  It was a nice fun read that filled in the lingering questions of what happened after the Darkness Series ended. 

I really enjoyed how Brown took secondary characters from the Darkness series that her fans loved and turned them into main characters in this one and gave them full, alluring backstories.

The action is fast-paced, the romance is sexy and believable, and the monsters are scary.  Just how I like my supernatural thrillers.  Best of all, the female lead wasn’t a whimpy push-over, but a woman that wanted to take care of herself, despite not being a superhero. 

I give West 5 stars for action, romance, and fun.  Just remember that this is an ADULT novel and not meant for teens due to violence, sexual situations, and language. 

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