Thursday, November 17, 2016

Enigma Book review and author interview

        I picked up some books by Danielle Bannister at Penned Con this summer and had a chance to read Enigma yesterday. I just had to take the time to make a post today about it.  This book was like no other YA book I had ever read before.  It is deep and dark and mysterious and intriguing and I was mesmerized by the prose of this enchanting tale. 

I’m the girl no one sees. The bum on the street corner you avert your eyes from. The child no one loved. The lost soul no one sees fit to save. A person could go crazy being that alone, but not me. I dug myself out of hell and carried the flames with me. Therapists would call me a pyromaniac if they ever found out my secret. I will always remain an enigma; the puzzle piece that just won’t fit.

Since I’m 18, I’ve decided to take charge of my life. Start over. Get a job…then disappear into the populace on my own terms. That was the plan. Until I ended up in Mullen, Nebraska and met Kyle King. He showed me a quiet peaceful life on a farm that was built with love and warmth. The kind of warmth even my precious fire couldn’t provide. Instead of dismissing me like the rest of the world, he chose to look right at me.

Maybe the world wasn’t so cruel.

Or maybe my downward spiral was just beginning.


 Sarah, our heroine is this deeply rich and complex character with a troubled past that meets a kindly old trucker on the road that gives her a ride, but ends up giving her a home, in exchange for summer help around his farm.   
        Al, our trucker has two sons, one older named Brad that is a very dark character and Kyle, the loving light easy-going opposite of everything that is evil brother.  Add in a mom that has Alzheimer’s and a dead sister and you have a formula for drama, mystery and intrigue.   
        What happened is Sarah’s past?  Who is this family?  Don’t you just really want to find out?

     Enigma is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, iBooks, and Kobo, and for a limited time the ebook IS ONLY 99 CENTS!  WHAT?!?!   It's only a dollar, what do you have to lose?

        I also chatted briefly with Danielle about the book, and how different it was from her other ones.

WJW: Enigma is unlike anything I have read before. How did the idea for this book come about? Was it based on a real life experience, did you read an article about something? Have a weird dream?

DB: I wish I knew where it came from...Sarah actually came out of another novel from a guy's pov that I scrapped but I loved this character do Sarah. I wanted to know HER story. She sort of showed me the by page. Brad was a huge shock for me. I wasn't sure if I could publish that

WJW: I am so glad you did.
I read that you almost didn't publish it, was that because it was dark?

DB:Yes. Way darker than I'd ever gone.

WJW: How do you feel about it now that it is out? Do you still get nervous when people read it?

DB: I'm glad I published. But yes, I still worry...

WJW: You shouldn't, its great

DB: Thank you!!

WJW: How did you feel while you were writing those dark scenes? Did you feel dark, or did it feel good to get them out of your head?

DB: It felt a different voice. Brad's scenes were really hard to write. Draining.

WJW: But you did it!
What are you working on now?

DB: 3 LIGHT romances. Hahaha. I needed something light after that. Haha
3 stand-alone but all happen in the same small town.

WJW: That sounds fun!
Thank you for your time.  I appreciate you sharing with me

DB: Of Course. Happy to do it! Let me know if you need anything else!

        I love talking with Indie authors, they are all sweet and want to talk about their work and truly enjoy their art. 
        Catch up with Danielle, learn about her other works, or sign up for her newsletter at her website HERE.

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