Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Editing Services

What can I help you with?

Here at Watch Jane Write, the goal is to make your unpublished manuscripts the very best they can be.  From cleaning up the grammar and spelling, to fixing plot holes, to making sure your plot and characters are fully developed; editing will make sure your manuscript is complete and ready to be published.

This edit will evaluate your manuscript fully, looking at the big picture of the overall story.  Do your characters grow and change throughout the story, or are they flat and emotionless?  Do you have any gaping plot holes that need to be fixed?  Do all of your characters speak and act in ways that make sense according to the way that you have created them?  A full manuscript evaluation will check for these things and more, point out areas that need to be fixed that could use a bit of tweaking, and even give suggestions as to ways to improve the text. 
It’s your story, but as the editor, I'm here to bring out the best in you, not write it for you.

Instead of looking at the overall big picture, copyediting breaks down the manuscript by paragraph.  Sentence structure, clarity, grammar, common usage, and consistency issues are addressed.  This ensures the flow of the story is easy to follow and everything is solid and consistent to a set of industry standards.  The industry standards followed here at Watch Jane Write are outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition. 
Yes, Style Manuals are important, even if some people don’t agree with some of the rules in them.  Without industry standards, there would be no consistency, and we would not understand what anyone was trying to say in their novels. If you prefer a different style manual, I am flexible, just let me know which one.

The quickest of the services, this is a final run-through of the manuscript just before publication.  A basic check for spelling and punctuation is performed while ensuring the readability of the story.    If any major issues are found, they will be pointed out with a recommendation for a more in-depth edit and the reasons why. 

For questions on any of these services or references of past work, contact Jane at or on 

I am always willing to give a free sample edit to any prospective clients.


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